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This was honestly a pretty weak month for music/new music for me, and that lack of enthusiasm mixed with the August heat is why this August top 10 is about two weeks late.  I had been somewhat excited about Young Thug’s group album or whatever you’d call it but honestly no tracks on it really stood out to me at all, it wasn’t bad but just nothing memorable. I didn’t know a new Nef album was coming out and when I saw that I thought it would save the month for me, but I felt like aside from one or two songs the rest of it was fairly forgettable and certainly not amongst his best work or the heights we know he can hit. The E-40 album was a solid late-career effort for a legend in the game so you’ve got to respect it but didn’t really have anything notable to me either. I wasn’t even feeling the new 6ix9ine collaboration with 50 Cent which promised to be a magnum opus in multi-generational New York ignorant rap but underwhelmed so that’s how you know something is wrong. On the plus side, I did start checking out ShooterGang Kony for the first time so it wasn’t a total wash. Apparently a FMB DZ/Philthy Rich collab project also came out on the last day of August but I’ll have to save that for September since I just found out about it.

ShooterGang Kony – Numba 1 Stunna

This of course had to be number one for August 2018. The mix of the flow, great line after great line, dance moves and fly Liga MX sportswear instantly propelled ShooterGang Kony to the top spot for August.

Nef the Pharaoh – Lefty 

Nef makes an appearance in the top spot with his appearance in the Numba 1 Stunna video but he’s not actually in the song. On the other hand, Lefty was one of the best tracks his somewhat hit or miss Big Chang Theory album. The chorus for this one is insanely catchy. I also like how in typical Nef fashion he curtly chastizes someone for wearing True Religion, asking them if they really didn’t get the memo that True Religion went bankrupt. So not only attacking them for being passe in a fashion sense but also taking it next level by criticizing the actual corporation’s unenviable fiscal position. So Nef.

Nef the Pharaoh ft. ALLBLACK, Cuban Doll – 86 

My other favorite song from The Big Chang Theory. And it wouldn’t be a top 10 list from this summer if it didn’t have an ALLBLACK guest verse on it. It may be a bit economically reckless, but if nothing else you’ve got to respect the sheer gall of Nef’s blatant rebuke of one of his primary sources of income; “Fuck them stupid ass casinos, dumb ass clubs.” In essence, he isn’t happy with these places of commerce that serve as his sources of income because they’ll frequently throw him out for acting TOO much of a fool or for bringing weapons in.

I love the bite in Nef’s voice when he says, “Dropped a 4 in my Jones like I’m Donnell” 

But by far my favorite part is when he declares, “I saw you tuck your chains in when we were in the club, you were glad I got kicked out, the life of a scrub.” I love how he’s almost becoming this omniscient narrator here and narrating the guy’s life; the life of a scrub as his voice shifts to a mix of disdain and almost pity for the said scrub.

Philthy Rich ft. Rexx Life Raj, ALLBLACK – Dope Boy

This was my top song from July and to be honest I’ve still been bumping it all August. At some point when I stop being lazy this one really needs its own post as its in contention for my favorite song of the year for 2018 so far. Between Philthy’s great opening verse, Rexx Life Raj’s incredible wardrobe and great half-singing half-rapping contribution, and of course the ALLBLACK cameo it doesn’t get much better than this in terms of 2018 rap.

Young Dolph ft. Key Glock – We Major 

Saw this one on Dirty Glove Bastard’s always-excellent Spotify playlist and loved it. Dolph can always be a bit hit or miss to me to be honest but this one is a legit banger. Dolph just brings so much raw power on this one as he booms out “Mobbin’ in the Bentley smoking moon… rocks” in his unmistakable flow. Dolph also voices some support for the ancient Christian practice of tithing here, “Baby mama mad she said you live like a bachelor, sold 100 pounds and gave 10% to the pastor.” I love the random ad lib of someone just saying “church” afterwards. Dolph just comes out swinging on this one and it feels great blasting out of the car.

ShooterGang Kony – My City

This isn’t new but I saw it on Rap Music Hysteria last month and its what got me onto my current ShooterGang Kony wave so I’m including it on this list. Like the wise sage from that site said, “Kony works in the boilerplate nü-Bay style so quickly becoming indistinguishable from its Detroit counterpart, perhaps realizing the world-flattening that hysteric early-’00s rap millenarians saw in the internet’s rise, but, like, who really fucking cares? It makes me feel big and powerful when I’m driving in my fast car.” Mozzy definitley has a shrewd signing on his hands here.

ShooterGang Kony – All In

Not a new song but this was one of my favorites from my hunt for more old Kony loosies and mixtapes. The beat isn’t the Beanie Sigel type of ‘Feel it in the Air’ beat it’s more of the Phil Collins ‘Feel it in the Air’ variety and Kony floats over it.

Philthy Rich – Social Media Gangstas 

Philthy Rich over a Fat Joe/Ashanti sample? Not exactly what I was expecting but alright I’ll take it. This actually ended up being a pretty fun song/pleasant surprise in the middle of Philthy’s NERNL4 mixtape which I guess is from May. “A bird on the microwave one on the stove, I used to heat the house up by turning on the stove.”

“Looking out the loft to see the white man play golf, sorry I didn’t make it to the funeral rest in peace Frost.”

Apparently one of his females is also complaining that all the steaks and lobsters he’s eating aren’t good for him, which I think may be the most universally relateable thing Philthy has ever said.

Shoreline Mafia – Foreign

In general I agree with the always-wise Martorialist’s edict that “Shoreline Mafia are just Brockhampton if they’d met in the NoJumper YouTube comments rather than on the KanyeToThe message board,” but I can’t lie they’re kind of growing on me. I don’t know if it’s just that I didn’t hear a ton else that I loved in August or that I’m starting to like them more and more but these coastal Mafiosos clock in with two songs in August’s top 10 from their Party Pack EP that came out on the last day of the month. Foreign has a nice, low-key but hard beat and they go pretty hard and ignorant on it. Nothing crazy here but a nice ignorant song that feels good in the car.

Shoreline Mafia – Boot It Up

The beat for this one off of the same EP is just so icy and twinkly, it’s a nice book end to Foreign.