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Just wanted to say RIP to C Struggs. I feel bad he died he always seemed like a genuine dude to me and someone who had some real substance to their music. Someone who had been through a lot of storms in life but was still standing and pursuing their dream. He also definitely wasn’t chasing trends or changing his style to try to get more popular, he made real music just telling his own story and in a style that listeners of a certain age will appreciate. It’s sad he died of cancer because I know from IG that he was putting a lot of effort into getting into better health by eating healthier and working out, which I know all too well myself is a hard process to begin and follow through with, and then you get taken out by something like that.

This was one of my favorite songs by him; so many real lines…

“I was 17, tryna win a state ring, niggas gave me hell for tryna do the right thing”

“Born broke as shit, now I run the bands up, still fat as fuck but that don’t stop my grind bruh.”

“My daddy died in 98 that was a bad year, but that was the same year my life got a little clear, I met God, got out the streets, started doing shit right, fast forward 8 years I be back earning stripes”

RIP to the big guy