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Jeno Cash, FMB DZ, Peezy – Dog Food 

Caught this one on Ray Garraty. Probably my two favorite rappers out of Detroit, and actually two of my favorite overall, linking up with Jeno Cash who I don’t know much about but who puts in a solid effort here. This beat is crazy. I like the idea of Peezy as a hook guy more people should start using him for that. I’ve been on a big Peezy grind for months and it’s always good to hear new stuff from him especially after his near death experience over the winter when he got shot. By the way is it just me or does Peezy’s shirt look like something some flamboyant Italian tourist would wear in the 80s? But when you’re Peezy you can pull it off.

You have to appreciate Jeno’s honesty here; “I ain’t made it I can’t rap about no Mussein”

Overall it was nice to hear all these guys together on a track and this is so far one of my favorite songs to blast out of the whip in 2018.

P.S. in case any of my loyal readers were worried about your humble host since the bol hasn’t posted in a while, nothing bad happened to your boy I actually just had my first kid and have been making a lot of late night Similac runs and playing my mix of personal classics for the baby but I’m back in the saddle now