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Lik Moss ft. AR-Ab – Blood Brothers

You know the old saying; hell hath no fury like an AR-Ab scorned. Ab is in fine form here on Blood Brothers as usual. This is quintessential Ab – Ab being provoked brings out the best in him, as he mixes hilarious bars with brutally violent threats and just a downright sneering mockery for all who dare oppose him. Those who have read my ‘homage to AR-Ab‘ from last year know he’s one of my all-time favorite artists and a rapper who I feel truly embodies the gritty spirit of Philly.

“I’m purple-hearted I done been to war; you kill one of mine I kill ten of yours. Ring his bell than I riot pump through your door, then I try to stomp your head through the fucking floor.”

“Tell my brother if you spot him get brutal with him, my only problem is deciding which shooter to send.”

“I watch Instagram I seen what you said homie, now I’ma fill your whole page with your dead homies.” (P.S. I love the idea of Ab reluctantly joining the social media age).

You’ve got to love Ab’s ever-present charisma and how expressive he gets with acting out his lines as he raps them, like how he jumps down and stomps the floor when he says about stomping his opp’s head through the floor, or when he motions to his homie behind him holding the pool stick like a rifle when he says his only problem is deciding which shooter to send. Or when he acts out throwing a no-look pass. (Not to mention his illustration of ‘stab you with both hands like Wolverine’ at the 2:55 mark).

“They was on the Gram talking murder, I was no good, now I declared martial law on your whole hood. I heard your corny mixtape, did it go wood? My plug pass me the brick with the no look.” This sequence is classic Ab – deftly maneuvering from threatening violence on his enemy’s whole hood, to mocking his mixtape and gloating about how he’s sold more copies than him.

While Ab’s brother Lik Moss doesn’t get as demonstrative as him, he brings a lot of raw bars and the self-assured veneer of someone who knows they’ve earned their stripes over the years and earned the respect of their hooddd, sneering as he raps lines like ‘Call Moss and see if he scrimmage, but I ain’t leaving off the field until the evil is finished’ and ‘They don’t try me here and they don’t try me there; niggas try me anywhere there’ll be a body there.’

“I’m laying dirt broke before I compromise what I stand for, these niggas laying down they manwhores… keep my foot on the gas as soon as they slam the can door, right back to putting niggas out like a landlord.” Steadfast would be a good way to describe Lik Moss.

He also voices his disdain for people wearing jackets in the summer for attention, which I can certainly agree with although it’s not a problem I frequently witness. I see what he’s saying though, someone of his age and stature doesn’t have a lot of patience for some of the antics and fashions that some of these younger guys will pull for attention.

I don’t know the specifics of the beef between Ab and Trendsettaz Shady, but damn, couldn’t this guy have picked an easier/less threatening Philly rapper to beef with? Like going after Lil Uzi Vert or something?

Ab’s new tape, the fourth installment of his ‘Protocol’ series came out recently as well, so he’s certainly been active lately. I’ve listened to it 2-3 times in full in the car so far and so far my favorite two tracks off it are ‘Glory Road’ and ‘Biggest Fear’. Ab also just recently put out his own spin on ‘Hardaway’.

P.S. I don’t know who the producer is, but I feel like I keep hearing that Yogi Bear ‘Hey Boo Boo’ tag more and more.