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Benny – ‘Off Top’ Freestyle

Man, I remember during Dipset’s golden era Juelz and Jimmy constantly (and usually needlessly) comparing themselves to the Taliban, bin Laden, and all sorts of other global megavillains of the time, so it’s only right that we finally have someone from this new day and age coming up with some Kim Jong Un/North Korea references. I used to love those needless Taliban comparisons because I get where they were going i.e. yeah we ride around in pickup trucks with guns like we’re some crazed mujahadins but overall the analogies really served no other purpose but to most likely shock and alienate a huge number of casual fans and also ensure that the song would never appear on a retail/major album.

On a serious note though this freestyle by up and coming upstate NY rapper Benny (aka Benny the Butcher) is amazing. The beat is hard body and it’s only fitting that somebody spits some serious bars over it.

“In prison, it’s 10% physical, the rest mental, the shit  I was cooking had me looking through jail windows…Think I made it out the hood since they saw me on BET. I be ’round the way in the store spending EBT. For 2 ounces of soft, the judge give you 3 apiece. You come home with a scar and a GED. You know all of us risk takers, put coke in water just to get caught up in rent payments.”

“I’m going out with my pistol blasting. On my North Korea shit, sending missiles at ya.”

This video just came out yesterday but overall I’m admittedly late to the party on Benny. I only found out about him a couple of days ago and he’s quickly becoming one of my new favorites.  I just checked out his tape with mixtape with Green Lantern called ‘Butcher on Steroids’ that apparently came out in November and I’ve been playing it non-stop, along with his dope new mixtape with fellow upstate NY rapper 38 Spesh (Benny is from Buffalo, 38 is from Rochester). The tape with Green Lantern really took me back to another time and place; I was half expecting DJ Clue or DJ Kay Slay to come in out of nowhere and start screaming their name over the beat. I guess he’s part of a crew/label with fellow Buffalo artists Conway and Westside Gunn called Griselda and these guys have all built up quite a bit of a dedicated following of their own and have some sort of deal with Shady Records now (didn’t even know that was still around!) but it’s all new to me so I’m looking forward to diving headfirst into their catalogue.