Crimeapple – Florentine

We’ve been absolutely spoiled with so much good new music lately whether it’s the new FMB DZ tape or Sada Baby’s latest, or even the Sniper Gang ‘Baptized N Blood’ project that I’m not even done listening to all the way through yet, that if you told me my first post in 2018 would be about a Columbian dude from New Jersey I’d never heard of before named ‘Crimeapple’ I wouldn’t have believed you, but this guy is a straight up beast.

Crimeapple is spitting quotable after quotable over a Heatmakers-esque beat that wouldn’t sound at all out of place on an old Diplomats mixtape from the mid-2000s. He hits on that feeling of east coast nostalgia for that great time period while still keeping it new.

“My line buzzing, I’m pretty sure what they calling for, ’cause we chop cheese like ahk at the corner store.”

“I’m popping like vegetable oil my bitch spoil me. Ironic, the only real luxury now is loyalty. I swear I’m hallucinating the burner even spoke to me, the coke felt nostalgic it spoke and it said ‘Boil me!'”

With this multi-week Arctic blast we’ve been surviving out here on the east coast (and today’s blizzard), this is that type of weather that makes you want to throw on a hockey jersey over the hoodie and THEN throw on a Starter jacket over that, and this is the perfect type of music to throw on to get you into the spirit and endure this winter grind.