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It’s always a great feeling when an exciting new artist you like makes a new song over a beat you love from an old song and brings it back to life for you, which is exactly what Lud Foe did for his song ‘My Life’ off of his new ‘Get Well Foe’ EP. Foe reaches way back into the vault and repurposes Kanye West’s ‘Family Business’ in a remake that is as unexpected as it is awesome.

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While on the surface they would seem to have little in common, like West many years ago, Foe also recently survived a terrible car wreck that he is recovering from. I’m not sure if this song was recorded before or after the car wreck, but he seems to be in a reflective, more introspective mood on this new track.

I’m thankful he seems to have come out relatively unscathed as he is one of the most interesting and charismatic new artists to come out of Chicago since Chief Keef in my opinion. He’s had quite a few bangers over the last year or so, with songs like ‘187’ and my personal favorite (at least until ‘My Life’) ‘Cooling with My Shooters’ garnering massive buzz. Foe has shown a propensity for utilizing interesting beats from the mid 2000s – he previously did his own version of ‘I’m Da Man’ over the beat from the D4L song from 2005 with the same name. I had forgotten all about ‘Family Business’ and ‘I’m Da Man’ until Lud breathed new life into them. He certainly has an ear for good beats.

I’ve always loved the beginning of this beat that sounds like an old record crackling when the voice says ‘All things/all that glitters is not gold’ and the warm tone it sets for the beat.  The song is an interesting mix of dark and hopeful, with Foe on the one hand painting a bleak picture of life growing up in his hood in Chicago with more optimistic and triumphant lines like “If you want something in life, you gotta stand for it, I bought my mama a house and told her she her own landlord.”

“Is that the struggle or not/I give it all that I got/Ima get to the top whether you like it or not,’ Foe defiantly raps towards the end, and you really believe him.

He’s built up a huge fan base over the last year or so and deservedly so, but on the off chance that you haven’t heard him yet I would definitely recommend checking out his project ‘No Hooks,’ as well as the new project that My Life is from, Get Well Foe, which you can listen to on Fake Shore Drive here. I have to give a shout out here to both So Many Shrimp and Fake Shore Drive, as those were the first two places I heard about Lud Foe and got me to check him out. (I forget which one I saw him on first but they are both awesome sites that do a great job of covering all kinds of different up and coming artists in the Chicago scene and beyond).