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Now that the Hellboy himself is somewhere up at the big emo night in the sky forever, leading his ‘Goth Boi Clique’ from beyond the sun, I figured I would put together a list of my top 10 Lil Peep songs as a mini tribute. He’s a bit outside the realm of the music that’s usually on this site and I hate being one of those people that writes an article about someone because they died, and I certainly can’t get behind everything that he did/put out, but overall if nothing else he was certainly an interesting artist doing his own thing and pushing the boundaries of rap. It’s up for debate whether it’s a good trend or not but Peep was certainly at the vanguard of this wave of rappers incorporating emo/metal/punk etc. aesthetics and textures/elements into their music and now there are a myriad of new, generic guys trying to do the same thing, to the point that it seems like for a lot of younger artists and fans, this is the main type of rap now.

I remember last December browsing new mixtapes on Datpiff and seeing one entitled ‘Hellboy’ by a guy with pink hair and face tattoos wearing a New Jersey Devils t-shirt and debating whether I should check it out, eventually succumbing to post-holiday boredom and deciding to do it, figuring if nothing else I’d get some comic value/troll value out of it. Much to my pleasant surprise, the tape actually had quite a few bangers on it (is that really the right type of word for this type of music??) and it threw me down a bit of a wormhole for a few weeks listening to his other material and that of his other cohorts and minions.

Favorite Lil Peep fun fact: Apparently he once played a show with Cam’ron. That must have been an interesting conversation backstage. I wonder if there is a lot of unreleased Lil Peep material still in the GBC vault. Before stumbling across these guys on a cold dark day last winter I don’t think I ever expected to hear all this talk of vampires and goth babes in a rap song, and for that, I salute them. RIP Peep, I hope they have a Hot Topic and a wide variety of seasonal Peeps confections for you in heaven.

10. Lil Peep – Worlds Away 

Lil Peep over a Horse Head beat sampling an indie rock dweeb ‘Bright Eyes’ and actually giving it some punch. I didn’t want to like this one at first but it grew on me.

9. Lil Peep ft. Xavier Wulf – Drive By 

Peep collaborates with Memphis’ Xavier Wulf for this hypnotic track from his Hellboy album. MOTOROLLA PHONE I AINT GOING HOME

8. Gab3 ft. Lil Peep – Hollywood Dreamin

I don’t know who Gab3 is but ‘Hollywood Dreaming’ makes the list on the strength of Peep’s chorus, he actually was a pretty good hook guy. This is probably Peep’s best ‘summer jam’ type of song.

7. Lil Peep – Driveway

One of the earliest Peep songs and one of the best. ‘Driveway’ is pretty dreary but it’s deceptively catchy.

6. Lil Peep ft. Yung Bruh – White Tee

A little different than the Dem Franchize Boys’ 2004 ode to White Tees but a jam in its own regard. I really like the Nintendo game-sounding beat here and the motley looking crew that the Peepster galavants about with in the video. Another early addition to the Peep zeitgeist. Apparently this is from before Lil Tracy started calling himself Lil Tracy, i.e. Yung Bruh.

5. Lil Peep – About U 

This song/beat are deceptively catchy and will come into your head a year later. It’s a stretch to even call it a rap song but it’s great.

4. Lil Peep – Gucci Mane 

“Switching lanes bumping Gucci Mane”. Seeing this song title on Datpiff was probably what ultimately made me to decide to give it a chance.

3. Lil Peep ft. Lil Tracy – Giving Girls Cocaine

The beat for this one was sick and the ‘ahh-ahh-ahh giving girls cocaine’ chorus was improbably catchy. This one or either of the next 2 could have all realistically been #1.

2. Lil Peep ft. Lil Tracy – White Wine

I feel like a lot of Peep’s best songs were with Lil Tracy and White Wine is a good example (Sad side note – you’ve got to figure Tracy is in a pretty dark place right now as Peep seemed to be his most frequent collaborator and constant companion). I primarily like this one for the ridiculously creepy look on Peep’s face at around 0:47 as he stares into the camera and sounds super seedy crooning ‘More wine, more wine baby pour another cup.”

I guess the Amy Winehouse painting featured throughout turned out to be some serious foreshadowing (the same could probably be said about reposting random songs by Speaker Knockerz on his Soundcloud). Lil Tracy’s verse is pretty dope here, I love the ‘I’ve been living life my way, I can’t fuck with you if we weren’t friends on Myspace.” I remember showing this one to a friend and he was getting into it until the ‘I might buy a Maserati just to take my life inside’ at which point he pulled back in revulsion, exclaiming ‘Whoa wait what? What the hell is this?” Which in reality I guess is the only sane/appropriate reaction.

1. Lil Peep ft. Lil Tracy – The Song They Played (When I Crashed Into the Wall)

It was tough to pick a #1 song but I think if I’m honest this makes it over White Wine. Peep basically sounds like the lead singer of some emo band at a suburban church battle of the bands circa the mid-2000s while Tracy contributes perhaps the strongest verse of the entire GBC era which best captures their whole aura..

“Call me Hellboy I’ve got fire in my blood. Don’t call me emo, don’t call me punk. I’m a vampire bitch, counting money up. I’m with Lil Peep and we higher than the sun. You should tell your boyfriend stop trying to be like us, tatted on my face baby I don’t give a fuck.”